Cristhian Martínez OchoaCristhian Martinez is currently a Senior IT Consultant in Mexico with over ten years of experience in various fields. His technical background as Electronic Engineer has led him to combine a complete profile on commercial strategic areas in the field of information technology, allowing him to work directly with companies like Microsoft.

He has been involved in over 40 projects focused on implementations of model frameworks such as Moprosoft and CMMI across the country, besides having expertise in business areas related with sales, strategic planning and project management. His passion for software development provides to him the necessary knowledge and expertise to offer his services as a consultant in web development projects of any size, from small blogs to high-traffic sites that require high availability.

View my ResumeAs manager of several projects has been characterized by the strictness complying of the established plans and being a change agent. His experience and mastery on business process improvement, besides the application and knowledge of methodologies such as Agile, PMBOK and BABOK (Business Analyst Book of Knowledge) are the added value when establishing and improving management and operational areas.

In the development area – since an early age – he has had the opportunity to learn programming languages like C/C++, Assembler, Basic, Clipper, Pascal, and now is currently focused on web development with HTML, CSS, PHP, Bash (Linux) with focus on WordPress web design and optimization, supported by cloud computing technologies (AWS) to implement quick and easy scaling web sistems as well as the deploying of CDN’s (Content Delivery Networks), load balancers, DNS management, databases (MySQL), among others.

During his staying as employee in Microsoft Mexico was in charge of all the different distribution channels in the state of Sinaloa as an Account Manager, being in direct contact with wholesalers and distributors and encouraging brand presence and support for generating demand activities of diverse products and services offered by Microsoft in different licensing schemes, achieving notable growth in sales and strict compliance with the strategic objectives, taking it to be several times in the top of national growth.

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